Student Leader Weekly (17th Edition)

Brent Dongell and Christian Boulton | Apr 21, 2021

Teen Trends

This probably won't surprise you, but colleges have gotten extremely expensive. To compensate for the rising costs, more and more students are having to take on student loans. Investopedia has released a study that came to the following conclusions: 54% of college students have to take on debt in order to pay for their education. The average person that borrows money for student loans graduates with over $37,000 in debt. Lastly, The total amount of student loan debt across the country is $1.57 trillion (Yes, trillion). 

These sorts of statistics make it even more important that people learn the value of saving their money early - not just once they graduate. While a small amount of expendable income is encouraged, college is a daunting expense, and the debts that can result from it can keep people down for years if it's not handled properly. Even students that don't attend a college will have bills, taxes, rent, etc. that will need to be paid. As boring as it sounds, learning how to invest and  budget are actions people should begin as kids/teens before college instead of during or after. it's a great way to keep your and those around you accountable for your money, and it's even more effective if someone else helps you stay on top of your budget. 


Song of the Week

Lauren Daigle has released a new song titled Hold On To Me. It's definitely a song of desperation. The lyrics talk about "when the best of me is barely breathin'." It serves as an encouragement to just hold on to Him "'Cause I know nobody loves me better." This is the first song she's released since 2018, so it's fair to say that it's been coming. Lots of Lauren Daigle's like more recent songs like You Say and Look Up Child have found their way into mainstream music, so hopefully, this song can continue that trend. 


Game of the Week

Freeze It! -Costs $7 From Download Youth Ministry. 

If you're looking for a way to get the whole crowd of students engaged and to give them a chance to use their phones instead of fight it, this is a great game for you.  Students have to use their phone apps on their devices to take the picture at just the right time.  It costs $7, but it's well worth the $ if you'd use that much or more on supplies for another game.


Sermon Illustration

This is a 20-year-old illustration that can be brushed off the dusty shelves to remind us to give our lives in pursuit of loyalty called "Friends in Peace and in War"

Though Jim was just a little older than Phillip and often assumed the role of leader, they did everything together. They even went to high school and college together. After college, they decided to join the Marines. By a unique series of circumstances, they were sent to Germany together where they fought side by side in one of history’s ugliest wars.

One sweltering day during a fierce battle, amid heavy gunfire, bombing, and close-quarters combat, they were given the command to retreat.

As the men were running back, Jim noticed that Phillip had not returned with the others. Panic gripped his heart. Jim knew if Phillip was not back in another minute or two, then he wouldn’t make it.

Jim begged his commanding officer to let him go after his friend, but the officer forbade the request, saying it would be suicide. Risking his own life, Jim disobeyed and went after Phillip.  His heart pounding, he ran into the gunfire, calling out for Phillip. A short time later, his platoon saw him hobbling across the field carrying a limp body in his arms.

 Jim’s commanding officer upbraided him, shouting that it was a foolish waste of time and an outrageous risk “Your friend is dead’’ he added, “and there was nothing you could do.’

“No sir, you’re wrong,” Jim replied. “I got there just in time.  Before he died, his last words were “I knew you would come.”

John C. Maxwell and Dan Reiland, The Treasure of a friend.  (J. Countryman Books, 1999) pp. 27-28.


Encouraging Thought

If Lauren Daigle's new song resonated with you - if you're in a desperate time - remind yourself of the bigger picture. God might be doing something truly spectacular, but it requires a lot of pain and hard work to get there. Some of the people we call heroes in the Bible almost gave out. Elijah literally asked the Lord to kill him in 1 Kings 19 because he was so miserable and afraid. Jezebel was hunting him so that she could kill him, and he thought that he was better off dead. All of this happened right after his incredible experience on the top of Mt. Carmel. Don't confine yourself to your current season or situation, regardless of whether it's a good or bad one. Have hope in the future. Believe that things will get better. Trust that God knows what He's doing.

Colossians 3:1-2 - Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.


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