Student Leader Weekly 2.14

Brent Dongell, Christian Boulton, and Taylor Bumgarner | Dec 01, 2021

Teen Trends

By this point, most younger generations are familiar with the concept of esports, even if they aren't involved with it. However, the esports industry is a lot bigger than you may have realized and is expected to reach a total value of $1.62 billion by 2024. According to Cassandra, a teen and culture trend research company, 3 in 4 Gen Zers think that there is a "cool factor for gaming overall." While esports is certainly not the top sport in the country right now, expect the industry to catch up to some of the other sports over the coming decades. 


Song of the Week

This past week, Maverick City released a new Christmas album right in time for the holiday season. A Very Maverick Christmas features 16 songs, from Christmas classics like Mary Did You Know to fresh takes with songs like Revelation 19:1. Featuring many guest artists and their go-to backing choir, the album is a breath of fresh air for the Christmas worship season.


Game of the Week

Rock Paper Scissors Splits is an easy, no-prep game that can be played with any size group, from 3 to 100 or more. The regular rules of rock paper scissors still apply, but when students are paired up against each other they will stand with one foot behind the other with their front foot touching the other students' foot. Whenever a player wins a round, they get to take one step back, moving their front foot behind the other. The loser has to stretch out their front foot without switching to touch the winner's foot again. This continues back and forth until one person either can't do a split far enough to reach or falls over.


Sermon Illustration

The Christmas season is here, and this inevitably comes with some rather odd, hilarious, and uninteresting gifts whether it be socks, t-shirts, or gag gifts. When we open these gifts, we normally hide our real thoughts by saying thank you in a slightly sarcastic tone or saying something like "Wow, that's ... uh ... interesting." I wonder how often we treat the gifts that God gives us in the same way. When he gives us something mundane or not exactly what we wanted, are we quick to dismiss it? Wouldn't He, in His great love for us, long to give us the very best that He has to offer?

Matthew 7:11 - If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!


Encouraging Thought

Here's a fun, practical challenge for you this week. Find someone out of your way to bless with a Christmas gift this week. It doesn't need to be anything elaborate of course. The significance mostly comes from the fact that you thought about someone and cared enough to go out of your way and get them something. Sometimes, a gag gift to make someone laugh, a pack of gum, or a handwritten note is enough to bring a smile to someone's face that really needs it. 



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