Your Dreams Are Bigger Than You (Week 6 of Listening to God Series)

Professor Brent Dongell (& Paige Rouse) | Oct 12, 2020

"Then David gave his son Solomon the plans for the portico of the temple, its buildings, its storerooms, its upper parts, its inner rooms and the place of atonement." 1 Chronicles 28:11 

God is a God of dreams, but sometimes the dreams He gives you aren't yours to accomplish.   

Listening to God sometimes means your dreams are for someone else to carry out. God tells David His temple plans are for Solomon to build. We can assume Moses would've loved to lead God's people into the Promised land, but God said that was Joshua's task.  They saw God's dream, they were a part of God's dream, but it wasn't theirs to complete. 

There's some tasks or problems in front of you that are for someone else to see through. 

You can't fix everyone's problems. God calls us to take responsibility for helping when we can (Proverbs 3:27/ James 2:16), but some problems just aren't ours to fix... Or maybe not ours to fix anymore. Maybe someone else can help in a better or different way than you.  The temptation to have a "Savior complex" means we can feel irreplaceable and a sense of obligation and responsibility to try and help someone beyond our limits at times.  It's as though we think God or others can't help without us.  We can try to fill a hole that's impossible for us to completely fill. One aspect of maturity is learning to let go of problems that aren't yours to fix anymore.  If God's asking or releasing you to go, embracing the truth that God can send someone else to step into certain roles with your family, friend circle, or play of ministry is a sign of healthy trust. You can't fix all your ex's problems. You can't help everyone at your old school after graduation. You won't live forever.  

If it's no longer yours to fill, God can be trusted to be responsibility for what needs filling. 

It's humbling to know God can fill your role differently. It's important to accept our temporary place in this world. This doesn't mean we aren't important in terms of value, but it means we're less in control than many of us like to think.  It also means there's other amazing people who can help better or differently. 

God can take care of those we love, if it's no longer ours to carry and our time to release. 

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