Student Leader Weekly (5th Edition)

Brent Dongell and Christian Boulton | Nov 06, 2020

Teen Trends

Where did you get your news coverage during the election? You may have been one of the many teens tuning into TikTok, where content creators were banding together. There were all sorts of groups, some Democrat, some Republican. What's fascinating, though, is that both groups were welcoming to anyone and everyone. Not only did this help keep the younger generations informed on the election, but it also gave them a space to share their thoughts, questions, or concerns. 


Worship Song of the Week

Josh Baldwin's new album, Evidence, was released earlier this Fall. The album features his new hit single Evidence and other songs such as Revival's in the Air and My King Forever. Baldwin had this to say about the album: "I didn't realize it until all the songs on the record were complete, but that's the theme running through it - embracing my identity as a new creation in the Lord and following His heart." Hopefully, the album can help you come to appreciate how God has made you and deepen your love for Him. 


Game of the Week

If you have a larger group or if you're leading an event, Dragon Tag is a fun way to get everyone involved. Split the group into teams of four to eight depending on how many people there are and have them lock elbows. Have each group designate someone to be the "head" of the dragon and the "tail." Then, you'll need a bandana, towel, or something similar that can serve as the dragon's "tail." The goal of the game is for each dragon to go around pulling other dragons' tails without getting their own tail pulled. The twist, though, is that only the front person, the "head," can pull other teams' tails. Another key rule is that if the dragon gets disconnected (people's arms come unlocked), the tail must remain still. The other parts of the dragon must come back to get the person with the tail. When a dragon's tail gets pulled, that group is out for the round. The last dragon standing wins!


Sermon Illustration

The Quest podcast being released on Friday November 20th will mention the concept of the body of believers working together.  The Bible uses examples of Christians making up the blocks of a Temple or a body with different parts.  The same could be said about a human dragon working together.  There's something beautiful when pieces of a puzzle or a group of people are working together to make something even greater happen or come into existence.  New unexpected beautiful things are birthed into this world through unity.  In this week's message, you could discuss how all kinds of teens might be different kinds of "bricks" in the temple or body part and know that each of those function to help the Body of Christ move forward and accomplish all God intends into this world.  This whole idea could even go retro and be connected to Transformers or Power Rangers where the different fighters come together to make an even bigger body.  Maybe this is a limited visual about what God's presence or body can look like while we're moving around this world in this spiritual battle!


Encouraging Thought

I would encourage you to start something that you've been putting off because you're afraid of failing. Whether that's work-related, related to your family, or something on your bucket list, just go for it! Jennifer Lim once said, "Mistakes are proof that you're trying." When you do fail, that's okay. That means you're trying! That's farther than some people ever get. Just pick yourself up and use what strength you have left to do it again. 


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