Student Leader Weekly 3.21

Brent Dongell, Christian Boulton, and Emma Fairchild | Apr 08, 2023

Teen Trends

An article on Axis discusses the recent elementary school shooting in Nashville, TN. While nobody knows exactly what was going on in the shooter's mind, we can try our best to bring awareness to mental health issues that cause these kinds of behaviors. Many kids and teens no longer feel safe at school due to tragedies such as this. The article speculates how to best prevent similar circumstances in the future, and ways that we can care for the mental health of those in school. There are also resources provided for how parents could potentially approach this subject with their children.


Song of the Week

"God Help Me" by Unspoken is a great portrayal of steadfast faith, even when times are difficult. "No matter the pain my heart may feel, no wound cuts too deep for your love to heal." These are powerful, true, and uplifting lyrics. It is encouraging to know that we have an all-powerful God beside us, able to heal and restore what is broken. 


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Sermon Illustration

The Bible is a great resource for those that are struggling. There are countless passages and verses that are helpful for various circumstances you may be facing. Psalms is full of beautiful passages. but one staple verse is Psalm 34:18. Whatever struggle you're facing right now, know that there is hope and a God who is right there beside you.

Psalm 34:18 - "The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed."


Encouraging Thought

To know that God not only understands what we're going through but is also near us and there to help us through it is so encouraging. Use this moment while you are reading to take a deep breath and voice to God something you are facing right now. He is the best listener we could ever have. 



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